An Overview of Kamado Sumo Grilling

Kamado means a place for the pot. Kamado Sumo is a Swedish manufacturer of the versatile Kamado grill. A Kamado grill can be used to smoke and grill as well as roast pizzas, bake bread and more. The uniqueness of a Kamado grill is that it is made of ceramic that provides optimum insulation and efficiency. You can use your Kamado grill all the year round.

One of the benefits of a Ceramic Grill is its flexibility and ease of use throughout the year. Kamado SUMO is a proud sponsor and partner of the famous grill fair in Stockholm. We will carry out a week-long presentation and product demonstration along with our dealer Liljekvists in Laholm, Halmstad and Ängelholm. Come and meet our Grill Master Ben Game in Ängelholm.

This fall we have carried out extensive product development, with the goal being to create the best Kamado in the market. We are happy with the product upgrades and the models we are launching in 2019. There is always a reason to celebrate, so bring out your Kamado Joe and enjoy some great party recipes. We have scoured the Internet and have found some fabulous recipes that will surely become your favorites.

Today, modern chefs around the world have fallen in love with ceramic smokers like Kamado Grills. No other cooking system allows food to retain its moisture better than a Kamado, and no grill offers more precision control over heat and air flow like a heavy-duty ceramic smoker.

Kamado Sumo grills are made of high-fired ceramic which helps to retain the natural oils and moisture in the food.  A Ceramic Grill has a shape that resembles an egg and has an outer shell made of high fire ceramic and other materials such as traditional crushed lava rock. These materials allow the grill to lock in heat and smoke while cooking the food inside. There are two vents on the grill – one at the bottom near the charcoal bowl and one at the top. The vent at the bottom allows air to be drawn into the cooker and around the charcoal. It is then released as smoke into the cooking grate. The grill’s ceramic part keeps heat and moisture inside the cooking area of the grill and is released when the top vent is opened.

The range of cooking styles possible on the ceramic barbecue is one of its key selling points. The critical piece of component in every ceramic grill is the ceramic heat deflector stone that sits under the cooking grate to protect food from direct heat. My objective is to spread the word of Kamado grill’s excellence to more grill masters by offering the product at an affordable price. Enjoy the sizzling taste of soft meat with our coal-fired grill and grill smokers that can withstand the toughest of conditions. Our most compact model is ideal for an ”outdoor lifestyle”. It has a stainless steel bottom valve with a protective shield against sparks.

Publicerad av kamado sumo

De bästa Kamado grillen förtjänar det bästa av tillbehör. Köp våra tillbehör för att få ut mesta möjliga av din Kamado Sumo grill. Vi erbjuder värmeavledare med ben, grillkötttermometer som kan nås från din smartphone, gjutjärnspanna och sparkaska. Tillverkad för pålitlighet och långsiktig användning.

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